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Chrysler Aviation - (818) 989-7900 - Van Nuys, CA - Chrysler Aviation, Inc is a leading worldwide aircraft charter and management company. With access to a vast fleet of executive aircraft, Chrysler Aviation stands ready to handle your next domestic or international trip. Whether you are interested in the Chrysler Aviation jet charter program, flight training curriculum, or consulting services, you will notice immediately that common to all services offered is safety and service. EXECUTIVE AIR CHARTER As the premier jet charter service in Van Nuys, Chrysler Aviation, Inc. provides its clients with favorable pricing, reliable service, efficiency and an unparalleled level of safety. We will continue to improve our tradition of service to carry our clients into the 21st century. Chrysler Aviation's Executive Air Charter is the most effective way for productive air transportation. Both time and cost effective, we fly you point-to-point to your destination and back. Your schedule is our schedule - this flexibility is not offered by today's commercial airlines. PRIORITY AIR CARGO Whether you need to get a small piece of equipment or product to a distant city - or a life-saving organ needs to save someone far away - Priority Air Cargo is the fastest and most reliable way in meeting your demands. AIR AMBULANCE Chrysler Aviation provides direct air ambulance service, transporting patients with secure, safe and reliable jet aircraft with our own certified medical staff. We use registered nurses and respiratory therapists who are trained and certified in advanced cardiac life support and aero medical care. We provide professional people you can trust. Many companies claim to provide air ambulance service, yet do not have the trained staff or their own properly equipped aircraft. Serving the international market from our Van Nuys base for over 20 years, we provide dependable service and have built our superior reputation on years of experience and excellence.Read More
AERO JET SERVICES - (480) 922-7441 - Scottsdale, AZ
Keystone Aviation - (801) 933-7509 - Salt Lake City, UT
AIRSF FLIGHT SERVICES - (650) 678-6700 - Napa, CA
STAjets - (949) 756-1111 - Santa Ana, CA - is your travel connection, for all your business or pleasure jet charter needs. Whether your business requires that you travel to several cities in one day or you require travel to a remote vacation hideaway, STAjets will respond with service, safety and world class comfort! All flight crews are seasoned professionals that attend vigorous simulator training yearly as well as participating in our company Safety Management Program. STAjets are followed constantly by management with the goal of providing the best of safety and service. - Worldwide Coverage - Unsurpassed Safety Record - Seasoned Professional Pilots - Stringent Vendor Management - 24/7 Customer Service/Dispatch - Security - Flight Following - Anywhere to Everywhere, Anytime! Our mission is to meet the exacting needs of corporations, business travelers, celebrities and others who depend on customized air services to help them succeed in a busy world. Take advantage of the superior benefits afforded by private jet travel as you increase productivity and enjoy the comfort and security that you deserve. For reservations, please contact our sales professionals at 949.756.1111Read More
Axis Jet - (916) 807-0863 - Sacramento, CA - A company that revolves around you. Axis Jet is a truly unique aviation company that brings passion and personalized service to aircraft acquisition, sales and management. Axis Jet was founded in 2004 from a desire to better serve our clients in the selection and use of their aircraft from an independent and objective point of view. Today, we serve as an aviation partner to a discriminating list of clients who enjoy all the benefits and value that aircraft ownership has to offer. Our mission is to build enduring relationships with our clients and serve as a guide throughout their aviation path. Axis Jet's market focus is derived from our experience with Falcons, Hawkers, Citations and near-new, high-end Beechcraft family aircraft from turbine to piston. As seasoned veterans of this industry, our contacts and experience enable us to integrate a wide variety of services that are required when purchasing and owning an aircraft. Our facility at Sac Jet Center, Sacramento Executive Airport (KSAC) is home to our corporate headquarters, pilot and flight dispatch center with enough secured hangar space for a growing fleet.Read More
Clay Lacy Aviation - (818) 989-2900 - Van Nuys, CA - THE MOST EXPERIENCED OPERATOR OF PRIVATE JETS IN THE WORLD. Founded in 1968 by a living aviation legend, Clay Lacy Aviation (CLA) is one of the world's premier aircraft charter and management companies. Over four decades ago, CLA introduced the private jet to the West Coast. Today, we set the standard for private aviation services worldwide, offering excellence through experience. CLA delivers a complete spectrum of aviation services: •Private jet charter •Aircraft management •Maintenance and repair •Avionics installation •Interior completions •Sales and brokerage •Aerial cinematography CLA combines the resources of an experienced large fleet operator with the services of a private flight department to provide unparalleled safety, value and service with every flight.Read More
Aviation Enterprise / Corco Air - (417) 861-3807 - Springfield, MO
EXECUTIVE AIRSHARE - (817) 854-7004 - Fort Worth, TX
Hill Aircraft & Leasing Corp - (404) 691-3330 - Atlanta, GA - Welcome! This is Hill Aircraft Let us show you why we have been named the #1 FBO in Georgia multiple times. Aircraft Management Hill Charter Service Aircraft Maintenance Aircraft Sales Line Service Aircraft Parts FBO Services & AmenitiesRead More
Fair Wind Air Charter - (772) 288-4130 ext. 6 - Jupiter, FL - Let Fair Wind Air Charter take the headache out of your travel. No security lines, no terminals, no baggage check and no hassles. Minimize time away from home, maximize your work or relaxation... Providing your charter needs 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Whether as a single traveler or a large group, Fair Wind can provide continental and worldwide travel.Read More
WESTERN AIRWAYS - (281) 205-4901 - Sugar Land, TX - Founded in 1974, Western Airways has provided Professional and Dependable Air Charter Flights and Aircraft Services to a long and distinguished list of National and International Companies. As a Charter Operator, our Corporate Fleet consists of Lear Jets, Citations, Super King Air 200's, Westwind II's and the Piaggio. We provide 24 Hour Worldwide Aircraft Dispatch and Flight Coordination. Our support staff can accommodate even the most demanding schedules and assist in travel arrangements. For Private Ownership we specialize in Locating, Evaluating and Acquiring Quality Corporate Jets and Turboprops. Our Aircraft Management Services let you enjoy the benefits of Private Ownership. Our Corporate Headquarters and Aircraft Hangars are located at Sugar Land Regional Airport (formerly Hull Field), and easily reached from all the major freeways. The airport offers a state-of-the-art air traffic control tower, 8,000 foot runway, and radar system. Traveling From Downtown Houston Interstate 10 West, Exit Highway 6 South (go south under I-10 overpass); you will drive approximately 7 miles; after crossing Voss Road, look for the large red, white and blue "Sugar Land Airport" signage at the airport's main entrance (if you have reached a railroad track and then Highway 90, you have gone too far) turn right onto airport. Immediately make your first right onto Jim Davidson Drive where a "Western Airways" sign points you in our direction. The building is the second hangar on the left with an accompanying carport. Traveling From San Antonio Interstate 10 East, Exit Highway 6 South, you will drive approximately 7 miles; after crossing Voss Road, look for the large red, white and blue "Sugar Land Airport" signage at the airport's main entrance (if you have reached a railroad track and then Highway 90, you have gone too far) turn right onto airport. Immediately make your first right onto Jim Davidson Drive where a "Western Airways" sign points you in our direction. The building is tRead More
ABILENE AERO - (325) 677-2601 - Abilene, TX - Abilene Aero - Lubbock Aero was formed to serve the private and civil aviation needs of the West Texas area. This company was founded on a commitment to total quality and customer service. The Abilene Aero - Lubbock Aero team is dedicated to provide our customers a superior buying experience that will evolve into an ever expanding customer base.Read More
MILLION AIR DALLAS - (972) 733-5811 - Addison, TX - Since 1984, Million Air Dallas has provided luxury flight services with award winning excellence. By providing the highest level of service at the most competitive rates, Million Air Dallas continues to take the aviation service industry to new heights. We offer the best in FBO Line Service, Aircraft Charter, Aircraft Sales, Aircraft Management, and Aircraft Maintenance. With an on-site U.S. Customs Officer for international flights 24/7, ARG/US Platinum rated industry leading charter department, luxury crew vehicles, movie theater, full fitness center, conference rooms, and more....our facility is the best option when your flight plans call for any location in Dallas or the surrounding cities and suburbs. Million Air Dallas is conveniently located near upscale shopping, 22 hotels and over 170 restaurants all within a 5 mile radius. Located at Addison Airport (ADS) Million Air Dallas is approximately 13 miles north of downtown Dallas, 16 miles northeast of DFW airport, 11 miles north of Love Field airport and a short distance away from many major corporate headquarters.Read More
Business Jet Access - (214) 654-1528 - Dallas, TX - Welcome to Aircraft Charter For an ever-increasing number of individuals and corporations, there is no question about the true value of private air charter. Whether for personal or business reasons, more people are utilizing aircraft charter as a better means of maintaining true control of their travel arrangements and ensuring the safety and security of their passengers. At Business Jet Access, we will tailor a private air charter program to fit your needs and schedule. Our services are available 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, 365 days-a-year. Operating from our state-of-the-art executive terminal at Dallas Love Field, Business Jet Access provides its elite clientele with award-winning customer service and world-class attention to detail. Business Jet Access offers a variety of extraordinary aircraft to suit every travel situation. Regardless of what size aircraft you are looking for, BJA is capable of handling all of your private air travel needs with our signature Business Jet style.Read More
AMERICAN JET CHARTER INC - (405) 495-5453 - Bethany, OK - JUST THINK ABOUT IT Think about everything you hate about airline travel: crowded airports, canceled flights, wrestling with heavy luggage, lost luggage, cramped planes, flights that make stops at places you don't want to go, and the waiting. Waiting in long lines to get your luggage screened and then undressing yourself in hopes of not setting off the metal detectors. When you have proven that you are not a security risk, and you can find a seat at the departure gate, you now have an hour or so to think about how much you dislike traveling with the airlines.Read More
BUSINESS AIR - (940) 898-1200 - Denton, TX - When your business depends on responsiveness and cost efficiency, our aircraft charter service gives you the competitive edge. We take special pride in our on-demand transportation and professional personal service. Business Air has over 500 choices when choosing an airport. Finding the closest airport to your destination will save you valuable time and money. Our charter service also allows you to travel on your schedule. There's no long lines waiting to get through security and you can arrive as early or late as you need. We take off when you're ready! We eliminate lengthy layover connections, unnecessary delays, and expensive overnights, that's why choosing Business Air for all your travel needs is the right choice! Business Air charter recognizes that cost factors are an important part of your travel decision and you will be pleased with the competitive and practical rates available. Remember, business associates or family and friends can all travel on the same flight at no additional cost! * We'll take care of everything from custom catering to ground transportation. We can also make hotel and tourist attraction arrangements and almost any other special request. Sit back. Relax. Enjoy your flight with Business Air!Read More
ATI JET EXECUTIVE CHARTER - (915) 772-1449 - El Paso, TX - It has been our privilege at ATI Jet to serve thousands of customers worldwide for over a decade. This is your invitation to join them in enjoying the finest in executive jet charter service with all the advantages of membership in an exclusive club. You will always be treated like a "charter" member. ATI Jet is managed and staffed by a team of proven professionals who have been serving the charter industry for over 25 years. Our pilots are trained and evaluated by Flight Safety, Inc., the world's premier jet flight training organization. To be the best, we fly the best. Our fleet of proven, dependable Lear jets, descends from the Lear jet line which has flown over four billion flight miles. Load a Learjet up with everything you need, fly it high above the weather and get to your destination with unparalleled speed. It's ready to go whenever and wherever you want with unmatched reliability, economy and versatility. ATI Jet offers a broad range of services and programs, from charter to fractional ownership. Whether you travel for business or pleasure, we deliver the highest standards of luxurious, efficient, fast and dependable jet charter service. Most importantly we use our resources to tailor secure and effective transportation solutions. Call us anytime. We are looking forward to chartering your next trip.Read More
WING AVIATION - (713) 645-9464 - Houston, TX - Wing Aviation Charter Services is your Premier Luxury Charter Resource for both business and personal travel. Finding the perfect aircraft to fit your travel demands, while offering exceptional service and quality is our specialty. With attention to detail and an emphasis on safety and comfort, we offer you unparalleled service 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year, and manage all aspects of your travel experience.Read More
A&M Aviation - (630) 759-1555 - Bolingbrook, IL
Priester Aviation LLC - (888) 323-7887 - Wheeling, IL - Priester Aviation is one of the largest and most experienced jet charter companies in the United States. Our services have grown in recent years to include aircraft sales, acquisition and management. We have airport bases strategically positioned across the country allowing our clients maximum flexibility and value. You have places to go - we have the ideal means to get you there.Read More
HANTZ AIR - (734) 893-6611 - Romulus, MI - As the corporate flight department for Hantz Group Companies, Hantz Air has the resources to invest whatever is necessary to provide the safest and most reliable flight operations. This investment starts with our people.Read More
Martinair Inc - (202) 255-5163 - Glen Allen, VA - They say it's the little things, but we think the big things matter just as much. Chartering with MartinAir can get you to the big things: the important client meetings, the dream vacations, and the last-minute trips. And getting to those big things without suffering through the hundreds of little setbacks-the lines, security checks, cancellations, overbooking, and lost luggage-can make a bigger than big difference. It's luxury on the fly, where every seat is unmistakably first class! Commercial air travel is no longer a viable option for busy professionals who value being right on time for a board meeting in one state and a tee-ball game in another. Chartering lets you avoid having to plan an unnecessary overnight trip, with all the expense that entails. Plus, private aircraft ownership isn't always the right fit for an individual or business that requires more flexibility-it locks you into an aircraft that might not be the right fit for every occasion. Our fleet consists of 13 aircraft that range in size (6 to 12 passengers) and pricing, each with a stylish interior designed for maximum comfort. Depending on your needs, you can fly the whole family to the Caribbean or a client (and her Cockapoo) to Cape Cod, all with just one call to your personal charter specialist. Your service and experience will be decidedly personal, with every detail to your liking. We're pleased to offer competitively priced packages that include blocks of hours from 20 hours and up. You can use these hours on any aircraft in our fleet, anytime you like. With a two-hour response time and no black-out dates or extra holiday fees, you're good to go. These packages are discounted and pre-paid, and you use them much like you would a debit account. We'll re-up your account with a new package whenever you like-it all allows us to turn on a dime whenever you need us to.Read More
Execujet Charter Services - (813) 702-7084 - Tampa, FL - Always waiting on the airlines? Allow us to wait on you.Read More
Aero-Smith Inc - (304) 262-2507 - Martinsburg, WV - Aero-Smith, Inc. provides a solution: safe, private, competitive, personalized service that is provided by professional courteous employees. We are the holder of an U.S. Air Carrier Certificate A85A859W issued by the Federal Aviation Administration. We operate in full compliance with all FAA safety standards we have been awarded ARG/US Gold rating. Our company is a domestic charter company. Travel as if you owned your own aircraft. Contact us at 800-550-2507.Read More